About me

Simone Klug


Discipline: Kitesurf

Sponsor: North Kiteboarding, Surfshop Kiel, Waterlovegirl, Julierpalace


Homebase - Möhnesee/Germany

2nd Homebase - Sylt/Germany




Scheduled for 2013 again: Sylt - Germany, Mauritius KSP One Eye Pro


Nationality: German


Gear: North NEO 2012 5-7-9 qm, 5`6 Thruster Wave & 5`4 Quad Waveboard


Plans for 2013: Following some stops of the KSP wavetour, travel to Maui




Restaurant & Hospitality business and studying tourism management

Windsurf and Kite Instructor, Lifeguard


Rankings Kitesurf:

  • 2nd at Kitestyle Snowkite Race Snowboard in Silvaplana 2010
  • 8th in Kitesurf Worldcup Race Sylt 2010




  • Julierpalace Silvaplana
  • Surfshop Kiel
  • Waterlovegirl
  • Surfcenter PlayaSur, El Medano-Tenerife

Some things about me:


I started Windsurfing in 2002 on my homespot "Möhnesee" in germany. After I spent a lot of time on the water I got totally hooked. I did my training in hospitality in 2005 and worked in a restaurant whilst going surfing whenever it was windy. In 2007 I decided to get my VDWS Windsurf Instructor license followed by a job in the Surfcenter Playa Sur in El Medano on Tenerife.

So from April  til November 2008 I worked as Windurf Instructor on Tenerife and started Kitesurfing as well. In Winter 2008/2009 I went to Switzerland to work in the JULIERP[A]LACE Hotel at lake Silvaplana where I went Snowkiting several times. Summer 2009 I spent on tenerife again, half of the time working in the Flashpoint Beach Bar, the other time on the water :-) That was the year when I started to Kitesurf in waves...


In 2010 I decided to spend a season on Sylt to train in the north sea waves and to work in the famous beach restaurant "La Grande Plage" in Kampen...

In January and February 2011 I have been in Capetown - South Africa and found some nice conditions. We had loads of wind for the 5 meter kite and some good swells coming in...

In summer 2011 I was on Sylt again, working in the Beach House Seeblick...I was lucky to get a sponsorship with Airush, so I was provided with good kite gear. I got my IKO Kitboarding Instructor license in Cabarete and started studying tourism managament to run my own sporty business someday somewhere...In May I have been on a camp with the waterlovegirls in Denmark to teach Kitesurfing. Thats wehere I met Wiebke and was lucky to get a deal with the Surfshop Kiel. Now I am back on North Kites and will try to travel around the world to find some of the best waves :-)

 So first step of this was working as a lifeguard at the beaches of Sylt in summer 2012. Hopefully I get the chance to take part in some wave events in 2013.

Simone is surfing on Sylt today....